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I have shinies!

Sadly they are not the shinies I was actually trying to get.  I’ve been Masuda Methoding like crazy to get shinies I want, but so far it’s been an utter failure.

I’d love to trade any of these for other shinies.  I’m looking for shiny Shuppet, Eevee, Shinx, Vulpix, Pumpkaboo, and Fennekin in particular, but I’ll consider anything  :P

EDIT: Lampent’s traded!

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Friend Safari-ing…

I’m super ill at the moment and sans tablet (but only for one more week yay!) so Pokemon X has been my constant companion.

My Friend Code is 0576-4902-7231 and my Safari is Poison type (Ariados, Cascoon, Muk). I also have a metric ton of Shinxes, Drought Vulpixes, and Solar Power Charmanders that I’d love to trade. Add me please, keep a poor sick girl company? :)

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kippershy asked: Hey there. What ever happened to you? I've not seen anything from you in forever. Hope you're okay.

The simple answer is that I’m not. I’ve been in a terrible amount of pain and it’s exhausted me. The treatment I need is expensive, so I’ve been working to try and cover my bills.

The good news is I now have one round of that treatment on board. The bad news is that my tablet will not work with my laptop anymore, so I’m taking extra hours to afford one that will.

If I owe anyone reading this a commission — I’m very sorry, and you are NOT forgotten!

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Wall cloud around 2:30 PM CDT, on the north side of town.  We jumped about five-ten miles south to be safe, then Pita snapped a couple photos while we found a place to perch for a bit and watch it go by.

The storm didn’t drop a tornado, but it was a close thing!

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It’s a fact that Setsuna loves green tea. I have this headcanon that her love for it stems from the fact that it has always been a part of Japanese culture and probably always will be. Because she is the Guardian of Time and Space, this consistency is comforting in that whatever era she is in, there will always be green tea.

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